Culturally Sensitive Counseling Service for Victims of Sexual Abuse

Wildwasser Gießen offers

  • We help sexually abused girls and boys.
  • We offer support and guidance during lawsuits and trials.
  • We counsel sexually abused women and men.
  • We support mothers and fathers of sexually abused girls and boys.
  • We support professional workers and volunteers: In suspected cases of sexual abuse, we offer counseling and support to people working on a professional or voluntary basis, e.g. in your community or youth group.
  • We also support caregivers and other persons of reference.

We give advice on the following topics:

Endangerment of children, adolescents, and young adults due to

  • Sexual abuse
  • Physical abuse
  • Emotional abuse
  • Witness of violence (e.g. against their mother)
  • (impending) genital circumcision
  • (impending) forced marriage

Counseling means:

  • Orientation, encouragement, and support
  • Assessment of potential threats and endangerment
  • Advice on how to proceed
  • Guidance and escort to other institutions such as the police department, youth welfare department, court, or other institutions

If the need for protection applies solely to adults aged 27 or older (without children), we shall direct you to the appropriate place to contact. Adults who suffered from sexual abuse in their childhood or youth may make use of our counseling service.

  • We counsel in various languages by working with interpreters and voluntary translators. Our staff at the counseling service speak German, English, Turkish or Spanish.
  • We visit your community or group
  • in order to support worried parents by offering advice on how to (re)act,
  • in order to supply young people and adults with information on the topic and possible ways to help,
  • to support volunteers.

We offer adolescents orientation through our aid system with our project “I know!”.

Our stance:

We treat culturally specific norms and values with genuine interest and appreciation. Wildwasser Gießen e.V. supports the freedom of choice humans from all cultures have to live life the way they wish to.

Wildwasser Gießen e.V. is committed to combatting violence and its consequences.